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Parent Coach, Author & Trainer

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Parenting Coach

Parenting Coaching can help you reduce parental stress, and foster parenting strategies and skills to become the best parent you can be!

                  Helping you with...

                                                                                   Parenting Stress

                                                                                   Parenting Grief

                                                                                   Parenting a Troubled Child


                                                                                   Parenting Divorce

                                                                                   Personal Growth


Individual Parenting Classes

Classes are offered as a group or by an individual instruction approach to personal differences and each unique need helping individuals, parents, caregivers, Moms, and Dads manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict, rid unwanted emotions.

  • Are you a parent struggling from grief or loss?
  • Are you in a relationship conflict? -marital/family/child
  • Trying to navigate family life with a troubled teen?
  • Are you looking to recover after a child's suicide attempt?
  • Are you trying to cope from your past?
  • Struggling with stress raising a challenging child?
  • Are you in a divorce? Are you raising a grandchild, living as a single parent, or a co-parent?
  • Are you in maternity care? Wanting Stress Management, Emotional Support? Natural Childbirth?
  •  Are you high-risk pregnancy? High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Preeclampsia ?

In all these areas and more: Parent Coach, Behavioral Health Consultant, Health Coach - mediation, education, and support can help. Call Today! (814) 662 - 5338. Single session appointment requests are accepted when you need help getting unstuck to move forward. Let us help you make a new beginning.

Mindful Parenting

Welcome to my Site! I’m Dr. Martha, a Parenting Coach, Marital Mediator, Behavioral Health Consultant, and parent of a once-troubled teen. It all started when psychotropic medication was given to my child for ADHD without my permission. Navigating the steps of a high-conflict divorce on kids changed my life and fueled a passion in teaching and working in family-focused care. I’m a Peace and Alternative Health Advocate and Parenting Coach with specialty skills in Relationships, Mind-Body Medicine (Palliative & Perinatal Care/Maternity), Stress, Stress Disorders (PTSD- Trauma, Anxiety, Depressions, OCD, Memory, Mood), Stress Management, Anger, Disruptive Behavior, unwanted and uncontrollable emotions.

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Parent Coach

Parenting Teachers

At Parents as Therapeutic Teachers, we bring a holistic approach to strengthening families. Discover evidence-based services to pregnant women to families with children from age six years old up. Our goals: How to reduce, prevent and deal with stress: coping with stress and the behavioral problems typically present with stress disorders. Build emotional health and wellness, reduce spirals of stress, and behavioral areas typically correlated with acute and episodic stress.

Did You Know?

Biological illnesses include imbalances in the body

— Depression is an imbalance of hormones and nerve chemicals— “it's a biological illness.”

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Mindful Parenting

Parenting is challenging! And yet, we do have an internal instinct to do the best we can. However, times get tough and, we need instruction to help ourselves and our young. Learning how to do Mindful living practices and skills are foundational life skills to effectively gain confidence and take control of parenting challenges effectively even when it gets tough to stay calm.This interactive class is developed especially for parents. However, it is appropriate for grandparents, kinship parents, foster parents, and others in caregiving positions to children of all ages.

Connect with parents find support in the most important job you'll ever have- Parenting!

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Parenting Coaching

I offer support to parents seeking Mindfulness Parenting, a blend of Behavioral Health Consulting and holistic- alternative methods for health and wellness. Additionally, I work with Grief and help parents with kids suffering stress, behavioral problems, recovering from violence, bullying, or traumatic events. I'm well-seasoned, helping hardcore, working with families of high-conflict co-parenting, divorce and, the struggled challenges of adoption, Kinship Care and Caregivers, Grandparents raising grandkids. Today, we are experiencing unprecedented times, with kids facing anger and civil unrest. Hoping can't change what is happening in the USA, but together we can make a difference to protect our young.

Parent Coaching is an efficient, practical way for parents to learn how to respond calmly. Parents learn how to respond rather than react and with the skill knowledge to handle behavioral challenges, helping children build skills needed for change to live a happier life.

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Tips For Parenting

Three key factors to Mindful Parenting:

  • Be present. Identify your own feelings when you are stressed
  • Do not engage responding in anger.
  • Communication skills: Listening carefully and responding effectively.
Parent Coach

Martha Watson, Ph.D., CAMS II

Parent Coach, Author & Trainer

Parent Coach

Rethinking Parenting


Therapist - Educator- Positive Influence

Parents as Therapeutic Teachers

  • Kids Stress
  • ASD Stress Busters
  • Perinatal Stress Busters
  • Stress Management & Mindfulness