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Bio Brief

Dr. Martha is an anger management specialist, Mind-body-behavior technocrat, mediator, parent coach, trainer, communication and interpersonal skill expert, and the author of numerous psychoeducational and professional Mind-body training programs including, the bestseller The Happy Frog (Video Life Skills Training). Specializing in mind-body-behavior, stress, stress disorders, disruptive behavior, high-conflict behavior, anger, emotional intelligence, bullying, and brain-based neuro coaching, Dr. Martha is a pioneer in introducing science applications to healthcare and criminal justice. She has a passionate drive to strengthen the family unit, relationships and support caregivers.

The parent of a once-troubled child and enduring a high-conflict divorce Dr. Martha faced in her own life, she shares the keys to surviving. She is a Peace and Alternative Health Advocate. Dr Martha is a Nondenominational Minister, practicing Kailaasavasi devotee of Swami Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam. She teaches skills to improve relationships and helps Parents cope with stress, a troubled, challenging child, and surviving a high-conflict divorce. Dr Martha offers somatic mind-body interventions, neuro coaching, and behavioral health consulting caring for the whole person utilizing an integrative approach, combining brain-based and mindfulness interventions and practices to support each client in their journey toward healing.

 "My goal is to empower you, assist you in reaching your goals, and integrate your somatic, spiritual, and relational experiences helping you regain emotional health and balance, gain deeper insight, and awareness, and healthier relationships with yourself and with others." - Dr Martha

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Parent Coach
Parent Coach

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Mindful Parenting is an approach to help parents stay calm in the present moment. Life is often full of stress. Mindful parenting will help you not react to kids and life situations with strong negative emotions. Learn relaxation techniques, change outcomes with new beginnings. Managing our own emotions and behaviors is the key to teaching kids how to manage theirs. Get practical tools and support that effectively reduce stress and begin mindful living.

Mindful Parenting Group

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Parent Coaching Additional Areas

Scientifically proven methods to help you reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress and pain as well as improve memory, focus, positive mood and quality of life.

Kids Stress (For Parents) For Caregivers and Parents. Build immune system and correct shallow upper thoracic breathing. Relief benefits: social, communication, and behavioral challenges. Helping Kids Reduce Stress, Stress Disorders, Disruptive Behavior, and Behavioral Issues.

Parents as Therapeutic Teachers: Mothers Empowerment- Helping individuals and mothers with children with diagnoses suffering from Autism, Tourette Syndrome, depression, anxiety, anger, ADD-ADHD, Cancer, Pain, unwanted behavioral symptoms (troubled child or teen), and more. Decrease pain in a child, improve physical and emotional health and impact positive change in a child’s physiology. A pregnant mother proven by research will increase a baby-to-be, intelligence, health, and success in life.

ASD STRESS BUSTERS Coherence Training - For Caregivers and Parents Caring for ASD Child. Build immune system and correct shallow upper thoracic breathing. Relief benefits: social, communication and behavioral challenges.  ASD includes several conditions: autism spectrum condition (ASC), pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), and Asperger syndrome.

Perinatal Stress Management: prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) Helps a mother in maternity care by improving emotional self-management, conflict management, problem-solving, and communication, the skills help a mother reduce maternal stress, help high-risk pregnancies with diabetes, High-Blood Pressure, bed-ridden pregnancies and gives long-term benefits such as preventing postpartum depression. The program is delivered by a psychoeducation approach. PREGNANCY STRESS REDUCTION Reduce Risk of Miscarriage Manage or Prevent Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Stress the Nonnarcotic Way.

Individual Care: Stress Management Quiet the Mind ~ Stress Management for Men and Women. Are you feeling stressed because of relationship issues, career, work, or another area? Are you looking to cope and ease your stress? Discover relief today!

Did You Know?

Biological illnesses include imbalances in the body

— Depression is an imbalance of hormones and nerve chemicals— “it's a biological illness.”

Senior Brain Health Exercises 55+ Benefits of stress reduction, improve health, lower cortisol, prevent memory loss and improve mental function.

Caregivers Helping Senior Loved One: While stress can impact you at any age, our ability to cope with stress declines as we get older. The effects can be dangerous — even deadly. Learn how to help your loved one manage stress. Areas include reducing stress living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia, failing memory (Neurocognitive support) or Health, Coping with Stress after a Stroke, chronic illness (Palliative Care), Grief, Bereavement, and End-Of-Life Care (Spiritual Care).

CAREGIVER STRESS (SYNDROME) Management –Combat symptoms affecting health and emotions, exhaustion, short temper, sadness, increased pain, digestive problems, anger, frustration or guilt resulting from your role as a parent or caregiver.


Being a family caregiver stirs emotions and usually comes from feeling overwhelmed, tired or stressed. Many experience anger at some point. Get support and effectively balance life. Reach your full parenting ~ caregiving potential so your children and loved ones can reach theirs.

Please note: This is is a standard list of areas we may help you with Mind-Body-Behavior Expertise. " I compassionately care for the mind, body, and spirit of each, working in an array of areas that encompass healing of stress and the results spiraling into physical, behavioral, and emotional health problems and psychological trauma."- Dr Martha

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I am not offering court ordered Anger Management Programs at this time.

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Additional areas include Marital Mediation, Divorce and Custody Coach and High-Conflict Co-Parenting Coaching.