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Helping Kids Adjust and Cope - Kids Health

(adjustment, separation, divorce, loss, death or bereavement)

Helping Kids and You Adjust and Cope with …

life, stress, adjustment, separation, divorce, loss, death or bereavement.

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Martha Watson Ph.D.

Stress Relaxation and Natural Pain Relief

Promote Healthy Social and Emotional Development in Children

Mind/body Integrative Medicine, Health & Wellness

Self-Control, Impulse Control, Anger Management

Mindfulness Living

 Children. adolescents, and adults

Emotional Health

Promote Healthy Social and Emotional Development

  • Stress, and Coping
  • Impulse, Self-Regulation Self-control: behavior, emotions, or thoughts
  • Anger Management
  • Social and Emotional Development in Children
  • Family Stress and Coping
  • Bullying 

Symptom Management

Mind/body Integrative Medicine

  • Relaxation Therapies
  • Non-pharmacological Pain Management
  • Antidepressant Prevention
  • Natural Relief and intervention:( Depression,
  • Breathing Techniques and Exercises for
  • Respiratory Conditions & Panic Anxiety Attacks
  • Troubled Teen

We support families with 6 year old children and up.

How to help your child cope - Erie, PA

A child life specialist collaborates with parents to meet the distinct needs of children in managing the effects of stress. There are many physical, emotional, and cognitive stressors that accompany life transitions, adjustments affecting children and families such as divorce, adjustment issues facing co-parenting, foster parenting, coping with families broken from hardships of mental health problems, coping with illness, dealing with family loss, death, or recovery of traumatic events.

Despite our best efforts to create a balanced lifestyle, stress creeps into our daily lives. So many of us are overstimulated and over-scheduled. Our children are no exception. Adults may not realize how stressed out our children are. The world has become more complicated and it’s no longer just school and peer pressures that impact kids. Free play time has diminished as a plethora of extracurricular activities jump in to fill every spare moment. Children are exposed to excessive stimulation and desensitization by electronic activity, social media, smart phones, live-coverage of natural disasters, wars and other negative media that may induce worry and stress in children. So, it’s not surprising that anxiety-related disorders in children and teens are on the rise.

Children, especially younger ones, aren’t able to identify feelings of stress and anxiety as easily as adults. They may not connect their stomach aches, headaches, restlessness or irritability as being symptoms of anxiety. Depending on the child’s age and cognitive ability, emotions may be a difficult idea to grasp because they’re such abstract concepts. Feelings like sad and happy can be easily understood, but disappointment, frustration, grief and anxiousness are harder to conceptualize. Since feelings can be confusing and overwhelming, helping your child to identify and become mindful of their feelings will help them navigate difficult times. Mindfulness techniques can be introduced to children at an early age, which will help them to develop self-awareness and mastery over their feelings.

Child life specialist are breaking through barriers every day to make the profession known to coworkers and community members. New and alternative ways continue to arise to help children cope with many different types of challenges. Understanding that a child’s well-being depends on the support of the family, Child Life Specialist provide information, support and guidance open to parents, siblings, and other family members.

How to help your child cope - Erie, PA

We want to help you and your family deal with life transition by a constructive, productive, amicable and child-focused way.

Professional Training/Mentoring, Service Areas, Workshops:

Child Specialist Areas of Service & Mentoring Parenting Violence and Bullying Prevention, Intervention & Emotional Recovery Strategies that Reduce Violence and Bullying (including areas of special needs & hearing impaired), Parenting a Child with Chronic Pain Pain and Your child or teen (secrets to relief for kids), Parenting Education & Tips Fostering Resilience in Children 6 to 9 years old, Adult Resilience Parenting Support Troubled Teens ... and more.

A Child’s Advocate

A Child’s Advocate child life specialist services help. Dr. Martha can act as a neutral advocate who expresses the child’s feelings, worries, interests and developmental needs to help you find the right solution or tackle adjustment problems.

Educate; Emotional and Social Wellness Tips

Select services, workshops, professional mentoring.

  • Growing up Healthy Tips
  • Intervention
  • Recovery

How to help your child cope - Erie, PA

Stress, Social and Emotional Support and Guidance

Support and Guidance for Parents, Siblings, and other Family members

Sibling support (includes troubled sibling support or siblings facing health, medical risks)

Support for foster parents

Support for co-parenting

Support for grief and bereavement

Support for divorce, separation, marital problems

Support recovery trauma

Consultation with loved ones

Educate caregivers about the needs of children under stress

Supporting children as they navigate the emotional ups and downs of life, enduring emotional hardships, facing illness, dealing with chronic pain, divorce, separation, death or bereavement

Education & Services to help you for your child

Select Focus:

  • Parenting 6 to 9 years old
  • Teens

The program is designed by a personal style. It may include child or youth services or a one-on-one to help a parent, grandparent, caregiver or foster parent learn how to help their child. Dr Martha offers services through a family-focused educational approach sharing tips and tools to rebuild emotional recovery, stamina, and strong emotional and social foundations. The program is tailored to age and needs (children to teen). Please call for interest or more information on how we may help you.

An Example if educational instruction is chosen(see below). Dr Martha offers psycho- educational resources and you become the facilitator to help your child. You gain skills, activities and awareness to provide life-learning essential coping skills.

  • 90 minute Education Caregivers’ Child Recovery Skills consult ~ $125.00
  • Includes:
  • Building Social and Emotional Skills Workbook ~ $50.00 (6 to 9 yrs old)
  • How To Handle Stress Workbook ~ $50.00
  • Handling Anger Workbook ~ $50.00
  • Assertiveness, 5th Grade, 6th Grade (FREE), Teen – Adult ~ $50.00 
Support to guide you through big life changes and challenges.

Call Today! (814) 662 - 5338

Martha Watson Ph.D.

Child Life Specialist: Stress, Social & Emotional Health, Non - Pharmacological Pain expert

We are located in Erie, PA and offer National telephone support.

Support and Guidance

Change can trigger all sorts of emotions and frightening feelings. Often individuals facing change (adjustment, separation, divorce, loss, foster care, grandparents raising kids, death or bereavement) are overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, including grief, guilt, frustration, anxiety, anger, and devastation, to name a few. Typically, the stress and emotional drain can have devastating affect on your health. Avoid making choices you regret, acting in haste, or not being able to control your emotions. Get emotional support to decision-making, goal-setting & achieving, and how-to-do steps in this major life transition. Enduring change stirs emotional pain. Get skilled guidance to help you achieve behavioral changes you need, help you make rational decisions, planning, help to communicate effectively and help to endure the straining emotional process of change. Deal with your transition in a calm and clear manner. Find empowerment, an ability to create a bright future from a centering of peace, confidence and direction.

What does it cost?

New Clients

Step 1: Free 20 minute initial consultation.

Step 2: New Client Package: Includes discovery session (in-depth initial session of 80 minutes) plus 6 sessions of 30-45 minutes each. ($110 per session, total of $770)

Returning clients

Select a package of sessions:

For a 6 session package, each session will be $115. (Sessions are 30-45 min, total of $690)

For a 9 session package, each session will be $100. (Sessions are 30-45 min, total of $900)

In - Person Appointments

In-Person, Onsite appointments available. Please call for more information. (814) 662 - 5338

Book Us Now

Staff Training, Have a group, or workshop request? host Dr Martha Call (814) 662 - 5338 

A Child Life Specialist does not offer legal advice nor serves as a substitute for an attorney. Child Specialist services is not clinical in nature. It does not offer therapy or counseling. Therapy focuses on the past. Child Life Specialist guides you in the present with action-planning and goals, helping to empower you to make behavioral changes and decisions enduring a life changing process.

Helping Kids Adjust and Cope with stress, adjustment separation, divorce, loss, death or bereavement Erie, PA

For scheduling or if you have questions, please call:

Martha Watson, PhD (814) 662 – 5338 Insight Therapies LLC

Martha Watson PhD Child Life Specialist services provide Behavior and Mental Health Consultant services (Stress, Social and Emotional Behavior, Anger Management, Parent Education) for families and Behavioral Intervention Programs for individuals and groups. Insight Therapies LLC is committed to strengthening families and providing holistic evidence-based behavior modification interventions through psycho-educational groups, outpatient therapy, parent education and behavioral support services. Insight Therapies offers services in all venues including online, traditional office visits, in clients’ homes, community care programs, schools, and working with other family focused service centers and professionals.


Learn cutting-edge research-based tools and skills.

Our team can help your office expand into Children and Youth Relaxation Therapies, Bullying and Social and Emotional Health services to help your members, train staff on evidence-based practices.

Coach Your Patients – Work with us.

Coach Your Staff – Have us train your staff to help your existing members.

Expand Your Practice – Learn how to expand your services and income to offer Children and Youth Relaxation Therapies, Bullying and Social and Emotional Health services . Child Life Specialist, Parent Educators, Counseling, Counselors, Coaches, Health Educators, Therapists, Teachers, Community Leaders, and Nannies – Expand your credentials; add a layer of education you won’t get in school.

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How to help your child cope - Erie, PA

Possible Signs of Stress in Young Children

  • Accident proneness
  • Hitting
  • Anger
  • Kicking
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite Loss
  • Stuttering
  • Baby Talk
  • Indigestion
  • Bed-wetting
  • Thumb sucking
  • Biting
  • Pounding Heart
  • Crying Spells
  • Grinding Teeth
  • Detachment
  • Fingernail Biting
  • Excessive
  • Aggressiveness
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Excessive Laziness
  • Tattling

How to help your child cope - Erie, PA

How do you know if your child is stressed?

  • Anger, Aggression
  • Change in behavior or emotions (excessive worrying, hyperactive, withdrawn)
  • Sadness, crying or tantrums.
  • Nightmares, fears, bed-wetting
  • Physical ailments, such as headaches or stomachaches.
How to help your child cope - Erie, PA

Stress Symptoms

Read More

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How to help your child cope - Erie, PA