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When you are relaxed, your baby inside of you is content.

Childbirth Education Class Benefits During Pregnancy:

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Acclimate to body changes

• Overcome insomnia

• Fall asleep faster and reduce muscle tension, thus decreasing any onset of stress or pain

• Overcome morning sickness

• Overcome headaches and nervousness

• Bond with your unborn child

Childbirth Education Class Benefits During Delivery:

• Fewer or no drugs, resulting in a lower risk of side effects to mother and baby

• The body's natural endorphins are released without the need for medication

• Shorter labors by an average of two hours* A mother who is "present", inspired and relaxed

• A tranquil, peaceful, family-bonding birthing environment

• By the use of self-induced deep relaxation methods called hypnosis, breech and posterior babies can align properly

• Decreased complications and interventions during labor

• Less intense pain during childbirth

Childbirth Education Class Benefits Following Birth:

• More relaxed babies who sleep better and nurse better, due to fewer drugs in their systems

• Increased supply of mother's milk

Heart Coherence training

50% reduced fatigue

46% reduced anxiety

60% reduced depression

24% improvement ability to focus

25% improvement listening ability

30% improvement sleep

Please note PractitionerPro® has not been researched but the modalities comprised within the program are evidence-based care approaches for optimal health. Documented Research is available upon request.

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Benefits for Childbirth:

Fewer drugs or no drugs, less risk of side effects on a mother and baby.

Release body's natural endorphins without need of medications.

Shorter labors – by average 2 hours.

A present mother inspired relaxed.

A tranquil, peaceful birthing environment bonding family.

Breech and posterior babies can align properly using hypnosis.

Decrease in complications and interventions during labor.

Decrease intensity of Pain during childbirth

Benefits for pregnancy:

Reduce stress, anxiety.

Use for acclimation of wellness as your body changes.

Overcome insomnia.

Fall asleep faster and reduce muscle tension thus decreasing any onset of stress or pain.

Overcome morning sickness.

Overcome headaches and nervousness.

Create Bonding with your unborn.

Benefits for After Birth:

Babies more relaxed, sleep better, better nursers due to fewer drugs in their systems.

Increased mothers milk supply

If your emotional state is upset your thoughts can impact your health, insomnia, stomach-aches, headaches, nausea, etc. can all be due to stress.

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