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Healthy Start Positive Parenting Education -Nurture Families Supporting Children and Families

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Insight Therapies Parenting Education Programs

Due to COVID-19, We offer several program formats: workshops, classes, and a web-based learning platform

Parent Education

High-Conflict Co-Parenting

Web Based Learning

High-Conflict/Anger Management Class is for parents in divorce and coparenting mandatory court order for high-conflict divorce, custody, or co-parent reunification. The web-based program includes PDF Parent Resources, Course Enrollment Certificate and Certificate of Completion.

Parent Education

Healthy Start Programs

Healthy Start is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral parent management skills training. The Positive Parenting program targets all families at risk for stress, stress disorders, disruptive and behavioral problems by promoting parent and child behaviors to culture civility and emotional self-regulation.

Healthy Start Parenting Education - Nurture Families Supporting Children and Families

-Positive Parenting Class: The programs feature activities to foster positive parenting skills with nurturing behaviors, promote healthy emotional development thru self-regulation, stress management, anger management, communication skills development, and mindful parenting creating healthy social relationships and family behaviors. Print Description

- Stress Management and Self Care: Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation, Relaxation Exercises are relatively brief (15 - 20 minutes) targeted to develop self-regulation skills to manage emotions and improve health by promoting self-awareness as it reduces stress and prompts emotional intelligence through interpersonal skill development workbooks. Reduce stress, anxiety, and anger. Prompt better communication in relationships, build empathy, and improve the quality of health and family life.

- Perinatal Stress Management: prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) Helps a mother in maternity care by improving emotional self-management, conflict management, problem-solving, and communication, the skills help a mother reduce maternal stress and depression, among other long-term benefits. The program can be delivered as a psychoeducation approach to stress management or by childbirth education.

The web-based program includes Relaxation Exercises (Audios and Videos), (3) workbooks: Anger Management, Stress and Assertiveness, and diaphragmatic breathing coaching.


Anger Management and Interpersonal Skills Workbook Series Control anger by building self-regulation skills combining stress management, communication skills, and conflict resolution techniques fostering (EI) emotional intelligence to effectively rid anger and develop better relationships with children and loved ones. The program lesson plan consists of 3 workbooks Anger Management, Assertiveness, Stress Workbook.

Kids Stress- Parents as Teachers Workbook (6yrs old to 11 yr.) The Parents as Teachers class features fun exercises and activities to do at home to promote fun family time while developing self-regulation techniques and positive brain development in children from six years old to eleven. This program helps parents combat stress, stress related disorders, promote healthy emotional health and child development improvement, prevent child problem behavior, and build resilience in children.

Workbook workshops ideal fit for those without internet connection to be mailed workbooks and work with facilitator thru phone support and/or work digitally via internet with phone support for brief series needs.

Just Breathe Classes

Mindful Parenting rid parenting stress and begin mindful living.

Caregiver Stress reduce caregiver stress and rid burnout.

Highlights: Rid Stress for both caregiver and parent while at same time become a therapeutic teacher working with seniors, child, and teen, stress, and stress-related disorders. Skill is scientifically proven to reduce anger, anxiety, depression, stress, and pain as well as improve memory and focus, positive mood, and quality of life.

instructional through webcam or phone support

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Parenting Education - Healthy Start

Fostering both civility and emotional health for families, parents and their child.

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