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Are you looking for Co-Parent Coaching, Co-Parenting Coaching? Co-Parent Coach services to help Divorce, Relationship Support, or Parenting Classes? I'm Dr. Martha, The Relationship, and Co-Parent Coaching Doctor Keeping your Emotional Health, and author of PractitionerPro® Training programs for Professional Education, Community, and Court ordered classes, your guide for coping, living with, or divorcing a high-conflict person.

Working with the individuals, couples and families of high-conflict people is my specialty. I can help you with Marital Mediation (help to save a marriage), Divorce Coaching, Co-Parent Coaching, and court-ordered co-parenting classes. My coaching and consultant services help you to get on the road to balance and civility. Also, I provide high-conflict relationships strategies to keep your children safe. Join me, request services to learn how to repair relationships to help high-conflict relationships. CALL Co-Parent Coaching (814) 662 - 5338

Co-Parent Coaching

Co-Parenting Coaching

Erie County Parenting Classes offers court ordered online Co-Parenting classes and online parenting programs in Erie PA. Find Co-Parent coaching and classes for families of separation or divorce.Divorce and Co-Parent Coaching offers support through the transition from spouses/partners to co-parents. Whether you've been married, not ever married, or have a child to raise as a co-parent, learning to work together in the best interest of your child, and to overcome emotional challenges is the goal of the co-parent coach. Call (814) 662 - 5338 for appointments available to you.

Co-Parenting Coaching Specialties

Marital Issues, Blended Family Issues, High-Conflict Parenting Issues, Separation/Divorce Stress, Anger, Grief, Stress Related Disorders: Post-partum Depression, Depression, Anxiety,

“Children want and deserve support and love from both their parents.”

Co-Parenting Coaching

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Martha Watson Ph.D., CAMS-II

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Working with the individuals, couples and families of high-conflict and/or communication problems is my specialty.

Parent Coach Expertise

Health & Well-being Stress, Emotional regulation

Relationship Conflict, Anger Management, Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Stress, Marital Mediation,

Building Effective teams

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