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High-Conflict Co-Parenting Class

Online High-Conflict/ Anger Class - Online Parenting Programs

Erie County Parenting Classes offers Court Ordered Online Co-Parenting Classes and Online Parenting Programs in Erie PA. Find Co-Parent Coaching and Classes for Families of High-Conflict.




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Erie County Parenting Classes offers court ordered online Co-Parenting classes online parenting programs Co-Parent Co-parenting Coaching Erie PA.

High-conflict Parenting Class is open enrollment for relationships and individuals that need support or to take a parenting course as part of a court or custody order, and for those who want to learn skills to be more effective parents.

A behavioral health professional, an attorney, judge, or a state social worker may also suggest this program to help develop parenting skills to encourage positive parenting during co-parenting or a difficult process of divorce. 

Erie County Parenting Classes offers court ordered online Co-Parenting classes online parenting programs.

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Online Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes

Anger Management Co-Parenting High-Conflict

Erie County Parenting Classes offered by Insight Therapies LLC is proud to present it's newly released Parenting and Co-parenting classes. Erie County Parenting Classes Distance Education Coordinator, Martha Watson Ph.D., CAMS II, offers a new approach of parenting and co-parenting classes for parents who need to take a parenting course to be more effective parents during separation, divorce, co-parenting, or co-parenting reunification.

Who is this For?

The program is open to anyone who is caring for a child or children in a high-conflict, stressful relationship (parents, foster parents, grandparents, married, co-parents, or single parents). Our goal is to resolve a family's high-conflict relationship and create emotional safety for kids.


Co-Parenting without conflict

online parenting / coparenting course

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Erie County Parenting Classes, Parent Education Programs Promote Healthy Parenting Families

Anger Management, High-Conflict Co-Parenting Classes

PractitionerPro® High-Conflict Co-Parenting

Erie County Parenting Classes Options

Take the course on your own

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  • prevent and reduce parent high-conflict
  • co-parenting tips and learn new skills
  • accessible by internet access, study anytime anywhere
  • select to take on your own, add a coach to help guide you through the course

Erie County Parenting Classes

Co-Parenting without conflict online is an online co-parenting course open for parents.

Erie County Parenting Classes acts as a partner with Family Service Providers, Parent Education Providers, to provide Co-Parenting without conflict online.This co-parenting course is for parents who want to rid high conflict, improve communications, repair relationships with their children, before, during, or after separation or divorce or at any stage of co-parenting children.

Who Can Refer Erie County Parenting Clients?

Judges and Professionals: Ask for a demo. Contact us today! (814) 662 - 5338

Erie County Parenting Classes offering is open enrollment for all Parents.

Judges, Lawyers, Probation Officers, Family and Divorce Mediation Professionals, Family Court Services. Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals, Domestic Relation Professionals, Social Workers, Coaches, Parent Educators, Divorce Financial Analyst Consultant - any family law professional. You can take this course voluntarily, be enrolled by referral or by a court order.

Coaching with the Online Course at Erie County Parenting Classes

Erie County Parenting Classes Community Offering: Co-parenting high-conflict provider, Co-Parenting Class Provider

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We started this approach as a court-ordered co-parenting high-conflict class, a parent education class, and an online class. This online class has significantly expanded in multiple ways helping parents who learn these skills, training, and co-parenting resource provider. We recognize many parents want and need a more personal approach in blending with the online course. Coaching with the online course often is the best choice. Our coaches are specialized in high conflict divorces, and co-parenting.Virtual Coaching is done over the phone or any online communication tool such as Skype or FaceTime.

Professional Services for coaches, licensed, state, and federal agencies.

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Family and Conciliation Courts

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The Ultimate Guide to Co-Parenting Communication

Professionals Usage and Examples

  • Parenting & Co-Parenting classes
  • "High Conflict" separation and divorce cases
  • Co-Parenting Reunification
  • Anger Management classes
  • Stress Management classes
  • Assertiveness Family classes
  • Mediation & Pre-Mediation for High-Conflict Couples
  • Expand credentials, curriculum or services


How Can This Class Help Me?

  • Do you have an order to take a co-parenting course?
  • Are you referred from mental health, family service, judge, mediator, or a lawyer?
  • Are you looking for help during separation or divorce?

Where: Online Class Delivers National Support.

Register: Call our office to start (814) 662-5338

Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes in Erie County offering National Online Co-Parenting Support

Parents will learn skills in the following areas (detailed course syllabus at the bottom of the page). We provide a certificate of completion at the end of the program. These courses are great for court ordered, personal growth and self-improvement.

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  • Effects of Divorce, High-Conflict
  • Transitioning for Spouses to Co-Parents
  • Boundaries
  • Parallel and Co-parenting Plans
  • Co-Parenting, Step-Parenting, Blended Families, and Single Parenting Tips
  • Parenting Styles
  • Children and Divorce
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Help Kids Cope and Repair a Child Relationship
  • Mindful Awareness Skill Building
  • Empathy Training
  • Stress Management
  • Developing Assertiveness & Communication
  • Build Emotional Intelligence


Erie County Parenting Classes Detailed course syllabus

This course syllabus is for all co-parenting class programs. Classes are 4, 8, 12 hours. The duration of programs includes the same topic headings but vary in depth of information on each topic. The final exam ensures a quality educational experience.

Chapter 1


2. Introduction to Program and Effects of


3. Purpose and Benefits

5. Course Enrollment Certificate

6. Receiving Course Credit

7. Course Evaluation

8. Disclaimer

Chapter 2

1. Better Co-Parenting Through Communication: Tools and Skills

2. Effects of Divorce

4. Transitioning for Spouses to Co-Parents

5. Boundaries Parallel and Co-parenting Plans

6. (7) Apps to keep You Out of Court

7. Parenting Styles

Chapter 3

1. What Does Healthy Co-Parenting Look


2. Helping Kids Manage Their Feelings

3. Children and Divorce

4. Repairing a Relationship with Your Child

After Divorce

5.) Coping with Divorce Stress How to Help


6.) Keys to Mindful Co-Parenting

7.) Mindful Co-parenting Tips

Chapter 4

1. Recognizing Stress in Kids

2. Stress Symptom Checklist

3. Defining stress and its causes

4. The effects of stress on your productivity

5. How your body responds to stress

6. Stress-related symptoms and costs

7. Increase your resilience by taking control

8. Changing behaviors, attitudes, and feelings

9. Changing your habits and lifestyle

10. Managing stress with self-help techniques

11. Breathing exercises

 Chapter 5

1. What is assertiveness?

2. How assertive are you?

3. Setting goals for assertive behavior

4. How to be assertive

5. Skills for providing corrective feedback

6. Skills for coping with criticism

7. Strategies for dealing with anger

8. Dealing with your own anger

9. Dealing with other people’s anger

10. The assertiveness pitfall     

Chapter 6

1. Common Parenting Mistakes

2. Putting It All Together

Chapter 7




Erie County Parenting classes were developed by Martha Watson, Ph.D., CAMS II, an Anger Management, Domestic Relations, Disruptive Behavior Specialist of Erie County (Erie Pennsylvania). Classes and vendor products are for Family Service and Parenting Providers, Family Court systems, counselors, lawyers, and families of personal interest.

*NOTE: It is the participants' responsibility to confirm with your court order in acceptance by the judge of an online course

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Call Today and Enroll for Anger Management High-conflict Co-parenting classes for court and self-referrals. Erie County Parenting Classes located in Erie County also services outside of Erie County, Erie, Pennsylvania.