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Complete Kit Exercises and Training Activities To Teach Conflict Management

Looking for a complete kit to work in multiple healthcare needs? Our Trainer Kit includes: trainers manuals, user manuals and handouts and media products to deliver robust solutions for those working in conflict resolution management.

Conflict to Resolution:Skills and Strategies for Leaders

  • Communication Training Products | Therapist Aid
  • Stress & Conflict Management
  • How to Handle Conflict and Confrontation | Anger Control

PractitionerPro® Conflict Resolution | Skills You Need

Handling Stress | How To Control Anger | Assertiveness

This training kit focuses on ways supervisors can work with their employees to resolve conflict in the workplace. It is also valuable for those behavioral health professionals, community leaders and criminal justice providers looking for an easy leaders-kit to conduct private and group therapeutic care and behavioral modification programs.

It is designed to be presented by an individual who hold’s knowledge working in one of these areas:

Employee relations

Managing conflict in the workplace

Managing conflict in behavioral health (Counseling & Mental Health)

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