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Disruptive Physician Class

Disruptive Physician Program Content Description (online programs are the responsibility of the client to assure court/employee compliance for disruptive physician coaching). Physician coaching may require face to face interaction. However, our experience, our telephone coaching and hybrid classes offer the same results as in-person, or even better results.

Disruptive Physician Class

If you are interested in registering for our program or are making a referral for physician disruptive behavior, or a distressed physician, please contact us at (814) 662 - 5338. Review our program description and content objectives below. We are available to answer any questions before registrations.

Disruptive Physician Class

Other programs require doctors to lose valuable work time and may also require extensive psychological testing and psychiatric evaluations. Our program gives the best fit for the busy physician by several options. Discover a shorter turn-around time, and convenience of no travel through a skill-based program.

We offer 3 Disruptive Physician Class Program options. Fee structure listed below.

Disruptive Physician Class


Option 1: $300.00 per 60-minute coaching session by phone. 8-12 sessions recommended.

Option 2: $4,400.00 One Day Intensive. Hybrid Intensive combining online class and telephone coaching.

Reserve a day to complete the program (Scheduling is Eastern Time). Weekends are an additional fee, $6,000 registration (No holidays.) Register Today for a Quick and Easy expedited performance and skill-based Physician Disruptive Behavior Court or Employee ordered program. 3 follow up sessions at quarterly intervals, pre/post assessment.

Option 3 Participate in an 8 hour all day (Erie, PA,) intensive one/one coaching session. The training is offered Monday through Friday, no holidays. Registration reservation in a minimum of 3 weeks advanced notice. $4,500.00 Travel expenses (air, hotel, ground transportation and meals) client’s responsibility of fees. 3 follow up sessions at quarterly intervals, pre/post assessment

Disruptive Physician Class


Requirements for Option 1 and 2. Telephone and Basic Internet required, PC recommended, not mobile phones for ease of working with digital files and document transference.

Disruptive Physician Class


Program Includes: The first assessment is a subjective interview that provides a background and history. The second step, part of our assessment is an objective questionnaire that is administered online. Our evidence-based formula defines the areas of need to help determine a focus for the training.

Improve communicate

Build empathy and develop emotional intelligence

Stress management

Develop impulse control

Boundary setting and assertiveness

Personal development motivation

The program is presented in an educational format, presented in a coaching format. The program, a comprehensive study format, includes (3) workbooks that are used throughout the training and as a source guide to help the physician well after the program is complete. Our programs are personalized and intended to educate doctors. Although Dr. Martha is a Ph.D., she is not providing psychological services, psychological evaluations, or psychotherapy. We do not participate with health insurance, diagnose, or submit any recordings or claims. The training focus is to improve and build specific skills.

These skills include, but are not limited to the following:

 · Stress and anger management

· Assertive Communication

· Stress Management

· Mindful Awareness of Self and Others

· Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

· Responsiveness Training

· Team Focus Building

· Emotional Intelligence

· Empathy, compassion

· Social behavior, and appropriateness

· Improving communication for patient care and workforce team

· Improving impulse control, and communication under high-stress and pressure

· Skills in benefits of enhancing the “team player” approach

· Hands-on strategies and understanding the benefit of self-regulation management

Dr. Martha Watson is an expert in anger and stress management. She is a highly skilled professional, certified Diplomate Anger Management Specialist working with disruptive behavior, anger, business executives, physicians, and medical staff.

For Interest or more information, call (814) 662 - 5338