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Holistic Cancer Care Erie & Remote Support

Cancer Health and Wellness offers Integrative Medicine and Alternative cancer therapies for cancer treatment. Personalized support in Erie, PA, and online remotely assisting you or a loved one diagnosed with cancer. Discover cancer coping strategies, cancer mind-body palliative care, spiritual care and complementary alternative medicine (CAM) in cancer care.

Call today for holistic cancer support care to complement your cancer medical treatment.

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Parenting living with cancer can be challenging and physically and emotionally exhausting. Erie Holistic Cancer Care is there to help parents living with cancer and any cancer patient cope with a cancer diagnosis. Erie Holistic Cancer Care Palliative Care services help you with emotional and spiritual support, maintain endurance during cancer treatment, and help you with coping and building a strong: physiological (physical state), emotional and mental state. We offer family-focused and individual Holistic Cancer Care. Erie, PA., and  online holistic cancer support. Holistic Cancer Care offers online flexibility, convenience, and practical solutions with a personalized, caring approach.

About Erie Holistic Cancer Care & Online Cancer Care Services

How can we help? Cancer Patient, Family-friends, Cancer Caregivers. It's all about helping you cope, focus on improving the quality of life of the cancer patient and your cancer caregiver, manage symptoms and the side effects of treatment, and support your emotional, behavioral and physical health. Family-focused care helps the whole unit, parents living with cancer, cancer patients, their family members, cancer caregivers, and friends.

Discover somatic mind-body interventions, neuro coaching, and behavioral health consulting caring for the whole person utilizing an integrative approach, combining brain-based and mindfulness interventions and practices to support each client in their journey toward healing.

Integrative approaches are based on mind-body technique interventions to healing. This rewires a maladaptive physical, mental, and behavioral response.

This science-based approach to healthcare utilizes spiritual psychology a wellness model benefiting overall well-being and functioning.

Spiritual Psychology blends science & spirituality that expands conventional psychology treatments by acknowledging that a person holds four areas of their being requiring therapeutic concentration.


Physical - Behaviors

• Mental - Thoughts

• Emotional - Feelings

• Authentic Self – Integrity True Self

Call today for holistic cancer support care to complement your cancer medical treatment.

Erie Holistic Cancer Care 814 662-5338

Erie Holistic Care ~ Evidence-based Results

Powerful transformational results offer evidence-based care helping in cancer care and helping in many other ailments, disorders, and difficulties in life.

Mind-body Holistic Cancer Care ~ How it Helps You

A combination of managing symptoms, relaxing techniques, and mind-body exercises helps cancer care by:

1.) Decrease Unwanted Emotions.

2.) Reduce Stress and Stress Disorders such as Anxiety and Depression.

3.) Reduce Discomfort Manage Uncomfortable Symptoms.

4.) Decrease Pain and Amount of Medication.

5.) Rid Insomnia, Worry- Better sleep.

6.) Increase Healing Post-surgery or Procedure.

7.) Reduce Recovery Time and Shorten Hospital Stays.

8.) Strengthen the Immune System.

9.) Improve the quality of life.

Erie Holistic Cancer Care  ~ Spiritual Care 

What are "spiritual needs"?

Spiritual needs are areas related to "big" questions of life:

  • Why me, why is this happening to me?
  • What do I do now?
  • How do I relate to others attempting to help me?
  • How do I tap into my inner strength?
  • How do I let go of my grief?
  • How do I cope?
  • How do I become mindful?

All the questions above are spiritual needs and emotional concerns when facing cancer, a health risk crisis. Cancer affects the patient, family, and loved ones' friends.If you would like to talk with someone about your spiritual needs , please contact our office.

Pastoral Care Spiritual Care Services:

Pastoral Care is non-denominational spiritual support available for those with interest needs. Pastoral Care is open to all faiths, including those supporting The Golden Rule of Life.

Erie Holistic Cancer Care

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  • Personalized support in Erie, PA.
  • Online remotely assisting you or a loved one diagnosed with cancer.

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