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Whether you are looking for health, coping skills, stress management, parenting support, caretaker stress management & tips, Train-the-Trainer workshops & kits or just want to join us for teleconference each week, this is your starting place. To make an appointment with Dr Martha please call (814) 662- 5338.

Appointments available: Teleconference appointment available for Holistic Health and Wellness and Specialty Offerings (Divorce Strategist Coach, Disruptive Behavior Specialist, Leadership Strategist and Executive Coaching, Troubled Teens Parenting Coach, Heart Transplant Cardiac Rehabilitation - Specialty Care, Life Coach, Caregiver Stress Management Coach, Parenting Coach, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Education relaxation).

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Online Center - Health and Wellness: Discover a guide to help inspire you to experience greater physical, emotional and spiritual health. Regain optimal health, and enjoy life more than ever — get started now.

Webinars: Experience home study, webinars from the comfort of your home or office with flexibility to be tailored to your needs for corporate or community member levels of disbursement. In either case, Listen now and Join Dr Martha ...

Discover Mindfulness Living through a Science Webinars: Health & Wellness, Parenting Skills and Caretaker support

Health & Wellness Workshops: Discover a science behind extraordinary evidence-based care to help you with coping skills, combat stress

and non-resourceful symptoms. Get Stress, Psychosomatic conditions and Palliative Care symptom management support for Cardiac Pulmonary rehabilitation | how to reduce stress and increase your memory | How to endure high-conflict stress & Caretaker Stress Management and more.

Parenting Education Workshops: Community-based parent education and support systems improve parents' learning of ways that they will be able to support the development of their children. By way of a focus on family management, problem-solving skills, activities and resources, families gain skills to help their children avoid future problems, learn to cope with skills to combat stress and violence in today’s society. Parents discover imperative skills and innate tools proven by research to help children with symptoms such as Chronic Pain, ADD-ADHD, Depression, Anxiety-Panic Attacks, and Volatile Behavior.

The Science of Relationships | Personal Growth | Spirituality | Health: Hypnotherapy Professional Training and Personal Study

Discover Mindfulness Living through exploring a science application of Behavioral Healthcare and Integrative Wellness through PractitionerPro® Hypnotherapy home-study. This training with facilitator support guides you to experiment the tools in personal study application and gain “insight” to the missing link in Healthcare and Behavior Modification. Training is for those that wish to start or expand credentials in hypnotherapy and open for those who want to dive deep into emotional healing with learning ancient tools of the past combined with modern psychological tools of the present to prompt Mindfulness Living: a mind-body-soul connection in life. Graduates: Hypnotherapy Certification, PractitionerPro ®

Train-the-Trainer: Conflict Resolution, Bullying, Violence Prevention, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence and more. Get kits, alternative online resources, expand credentials, allow for easy paths to conduct private care, group and HR management through Civility and Stress Management training program's.

Weekly Live Teleconference: Our weekly calls are the connecting point to support the lifestyle of Mindfulness Living. Join us, Q & A and topic discussion led by the interactive needs of participants. Absolutely free or charge, or request private services or an event in-person. Contracting available for community members groups. Become our Partner!

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