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How It Works

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Online High-Conflict/Anger Management Classes Just for Parents

Co-Parenting, Divorce, Relationship, Marriage Mediation and Coaching

(814) 662 - 5338

How Does it work?

Are you a Parent in Relationship Problems? Marriage, Custody, Pre-divorce, Divorce, and Post-divorce issues, Co-Parenting or Separation?

Who This is For?

It is open to both court-ordered and private interests.(individuals and couples)

  1. Court ordered
  2. It is open for parents seeking personal growth helping high conflict relationship couples, co-parents, after separation, divorce, or in reunification. Relationship Coaching includes pre-divorce, divorce, and post-divorce issues and marriage mediation (help to save a marriage/relationship). Offerings include Online Relationship Coach, Parenting Coach, Co-Parenting Coach, Divorce Coach Coaching and Marital Mediation (Erie, PA).


1. Online High-Conflict/Anger Management Classes Just for Parents

2. ADD Optional Coach- Mediation: Co-Parenting Coach, Relationship Coach, Marriage Mediation - Instructional Strategy Support to Target Needs

New Clients

Step 1: Free 20-minute introductory call with High-Conflict Co-Parenting Relationship Coach

Step 2: Select Self-study or ADD a Coach

Select 3: Returning Parents select packages below

What Does it Cost?

  • Self-Study Court Ordered (8) hour class $125 Parenting without conflict is an online course for parents.

  • OPTIONAL ADD ON: Select:


  • (3) HIGH-CONFLICT CO-PARENTING RELATIONSHIP DIVORCE COACH appointments, 30-45 minutes each and Parenting Resources (8) hour class $375
  • (6)HIGH-CONFLICT CO-PARENTING RELATIONSHIP DIVORCE COACH appointments, 30-45 minutes each and Parenting Resources. ($110 per

session, total of $770)


  • Marriage Mediation, Relationship Coaching (1) 90 minute appointment and Parenting Resources ($175 per session)

One-to-One Program Format: – helping in High-Conflict Co-Parenting, and Relationships. Instructional Support action planning helps you in High conflict co-parenting by a personalized targeted approach by an action planning strategy combined with easy reading materials reading (PDF) resources to help you navigate co-parenting issues that impact the whole family unit.

Returning clients

Want an extension to resources and instructional support? Choose a package( Individuals):

(6) CO-PARENTING DIVORCE COACHING package, each $115. (Appointments are 30-45 min, total of $690)

(9) CO-PARENTING DIVORCE COACHING package, each $100. (Appointments are 30-45 min, total of $900)

Insurance does not cover psycho-educational classes.

Psychoeducational programs are not tax deductible.

*If you have a need for another course hour, shorter or longer, more classes are available upon request based on individual need. Call (814) 662 – 5338 for more information.

Get action planning for resolution. Dr Martha specializes in helping families experiencing High-Conflict. Get a blueprint guide of resources and support to help you navigate high-conflict relationships.

High-Conflict Co-Parenting Relationship Resolution Strategy combined in a Personalized approach. We are unique. Instructional coaches meet participant -focused goals. Instructional coaching focuses on research-based instructional strategies combined with class tutorials that can have the biggest impact in improving stress, relationships, co-parenting issues. If you are looking for a personal approach you found your fit!

Dr. Martha specializes in relationships for families experiencing high-conflict.

About Our Founder, Educational Director

Parent and Relationship Coach, Divorce- Co-Parent Coach, Marriage Mediation (help to save a marriage)

Anger Management Specialist ~Stress, Stress- Related Disorders Specialist ~Post-Doctoral Researcher

Martha Watson Ph.D., CAMS-II is a Co-Parenting high-conflict, Relationship Coach, anger, stress, and disruptive behavior technocrat. Member Level: Diplomate, Certified Anger Management Specialist. Educational credentials verification listing can be viewed here by the NAMA (National Anger Management Association) national registry.Dr Martha specializes in helping individuals, couples, and families in high conflict. (25+ Years experience)

Brain-Based Therapy (scientific approach) helping with Disruptive Behavior, Anger, Stress, Interpersonal skills, evidence-based methods proven to work combined with Parent Education instructional format and worksheets to help individuals, couples, families, parents, and relationships in high-conflict.

Dr Martha offers a brain-based approached, a phenomenally successful technique to help heal relationships, the mind, body, and spiritual aspects of life. Call (814) 662 - 5338 to learn more!

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