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Mindful Parenting

Parenting is challenging! And yet, we do have an internal instinct to do the best we can. However, times get tough and, we need instruction to help ourselves and our young. Learning how to do Mindful living practices and skills are foundational life skills to effectively gain confidence and take control of parenting challenges effectively even when it gets tough to stay calm. Perfection is impossible. However, we can learn skills and become the parent we want to be, even in tough times. Mindful Parenting, introduction to a way of living, a new approach to life is by learning interpersonal skills, de-escalating practices, building emotional wellness. The result is present awareness, consciousness, and a behavior shift that produces freedom for everyone in your family to succeed. This interactive class is developed especially for parents. However, it is appropriate for grandparents, kinship parents, foster parents, and others in caregiving positions to children of all ages.

Connect with parents find support in the most important job you'll ever have- Parenting!

In this class, you'll learn to:

• Rid emotional triggers

• Promote positive parenting

• Practice mindful exercises: audios and videos

• Develop interpersonal skill building with a workbook

• De-escalate anger and understand fear with a workbook

• Instructional how-to-do mindfulness exercises with an instruction workbook

• Rid stress with a workbook

• Develop awareness and how to help your child and family unit

• Develop communication skills and self-care practices

• Practice mindful living and mindfulness parenting

• Appropriate skills for caregivers’ roles of grandparents, foster parents, kinship care and others and all ages of children (please ask for information of caregiver of baby to 6 years old or if caregiver of child/teen/adolescent of Autism Spectrum, Tourette’s Syndrome

Class Details

• This class consists of six live, weekly sessions- Ninety minutes each with a format that follows

   educational lecture and interactional activities, free discussions led by participants to provide a  

   personalized approach of needs.

• Tuition includes web-based access to mindfulness meditation audio files, videos, and workbooks.

• Online classes are limited in seating. Select a preference meeting on the telephone or webcam

  platform. (Uncertain of functionality? What to do to participate? Call and get a free 15-minute

  consult and try it out.

Dates and Registration Please call for scheduling.

Classes run continuous . Call for scheduling registration.

Mindful Parenting

Day & Time

Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 5PM Eastern Time


Online and Call


Martha Watson, Ph.D.

Registration Fee: One parent Regular fee $450 (Early-Bird fee $400) Both parents Regular fee $650 (Early-Bird fee $600). Early Bird rate expires March 12, 2022

Online Class Schedule

Cost $75 a week with materials included.Tuition includes cost of 4 workbooks, audios, videos.

Sign Up for Registration On Contact Form and Call (814) 662 - 5338

Mindful Parenting- Skills You Need

Priceless when you need it most.

What does it mean to be mindful as a parent?

Mindfulness means being more aware or conscious of the present moment. Mindful parenting methods help parents become more present, calm, and compassionate with their kids.


30 Minute Parent Check in: $85

Consult price eligible for participant members in skills group

Online Only in Response to COVID-19 and Variants. Today we are learning new technologies to help combat unwanted emotions coping with Covid-19 and variants. Mindful Parenting encompasses benefits available to you while also keeping you safe. Based on the uncertainty of the future concerning COVID-19, we will remain to conduct online services only until further notice.

Questions about this class?

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Mindful Parenting

 Private support

One On One Mindfulness Support

6-Week Live Class Overview

Week 1 – Introduction to Mindfulness

• Instructional Platform Introduction

• What is Mindfulness

• Learning how to de-stress with  

  cognitive meditation practices

• Stress Reduction (Workbook)

Week 2– Introduction to Mind-body-


• Discovery Self

• Exercise Understanding how mind-

  body-behavior works

• Practices to understand perception in

  child/parent relationship

• Selecting Mindful Practices

Week 3 - Effectively communicate and


• Learning to take control with

  Interpersonal Skill Building (workbook)

• Recognizing the signs of emotional

  reactive behavior

• Gaining Mindful Awareness

Week 4 – Regulating Emotions:

 Learning New Beginnings

• Common triggers, anger, and setbacks

• Tantrums, and emotional meltdowns

• Understanding Anger and Fear


• Learning to build family unity and also

  help your child or teen

• Discussion Mindful Living

Week 5 – Aligning Values and Parenting


• Discovery New Family Relationship

• Building honest communication family

  core values

• Developing parenting lifestyle


• Mindful Observation

Week 6 – Putting it all together

• Review and Applications

• Understanding power of memory and


• Mindfulness Goals and Objectives

  keeping a good habit

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