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Mindfulness Stress Reduction Self-Study

 28-Day Course

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This course consists of six,  Mindfulness Stress Reduction 75-minute sessions

and is offered for $260

Additionally you get (4) self help workbooks to reduce stress and eliminate unwanted emotions and improve communication, interpersonal skills




28 day Mindfulness Stress Reduction Self Study Class


Program Description:

28 Day Mindfulness Stress Reduction: Class Fee $260.00

Discover Mindfulness! Register for a Self-Paced, Self-Guided, enjoyment with relaxation techniques that go beyond the benefits of stress relief. Discover a simple solution, a unique combination of physical, cognitive, and behavioral health benefits that promote behavior change and target a positive impact on your health and well-being. Become aware of when and how spirals of stress affect your body, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Learn self-help techniques to rid stress and harmful effects. Mindfulness Techniques are scientifically proven to help you with physical and mental health, regulating your emotions, reducing your stress, keeping your stress levels in check... sleeping better, improving your mood; improving your memory, and concentrating better; be healthier.

Mindfulness Stress Reduction Toolbox Contents:

Mindfulness Living Cloud Training through a virtual online classroom delivers PractitionerPro® that teaches principles and practice of relaxation techniques by a formula through interactive exercises of videos, audios, workbooks and worksheets. The goal is similar in all; to promote the first core conflict resolution skill by the body's natural relaxation response, characterized by slower breathing, lower blood pressure, and a feeling of increased well-being.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction will teach you about the science of stress and the functionality of how it impacts health and wellness. You'll learn and experience a variety of mindfulness techniques - like guided imagery, relaxation, mindful communication skills, and daily practices.

Relax, Easy Listening and Visuals

Enjoy relaxation techniques to help you reduce stress, anxiety and more. Discover audios, visuals, self-help guides and worksheets.

Deep Breathing

Learn diaphragmatic breathing, a powerful anti-stress skill that makes you calmer in times of stress. Learning proper rhythmic breathing otherwise known as Heart Coherence is well renown to produce benefits of reduced symptoms in many areas; stress, depression, anxiety, ADD-ADHD, COPD, depression, volatile behavior and more. We supply you with FREE resources so you can regulate progress.

Muscle Relaxation

Learn progressive muscle relaxation by an ancient technique combined with modern psychological applications of the present well renowned as Self-Hypnosis. Dive deep into ancient wisdom 24-7, anywhere-anytime. This skill will help you unwind your mind and body to let-go into a wonderful comfortable state of relaxation. Self-Hypnosis is one tool that can be applied for multiple areas of symptom management. If you’re looking for one tool that has universal benefits and applications,

here it is.

User Book (PDF): 58 pages.

Instruction Pamphlets: Child & Adult.

Adobe Reader is required for reading.

Guided Meditations

Let go - Let yourself sit back and relax to deep Guided Imagery meditations.

Relaxation Music

Relaxing Music designed to take you into a deep calm state. This is a powerful tool to use alone or after completing the self-guided series. After working through the series, an individual may listen to the music and within minutes return to a deep relaxation state without any further prompting. This is critical for those combating symptoms


Visualizations, Meditation, and Calming Music

Enjoy two visualization techniques encased by deep relaxation music, one with narrative and the other with calming soundscapes, waterfalls and picturesque nature scenes to help you achieve mindfulness practices in life.

Self-Help Workbooks

Self-Help Worksheets Interpersonal Skill Interactive workbooks include: How To Control Anger (18 pages), Handling Stress (15 pages), and Assertiveness (18 pages). These self-help tools are imperative to develop communication and emotional intelligence to combat stress. You can help transform your life and assure mindfulness adaptations for planning and management.

Bonus: Smoking Cessation Audio

The "New Mindfulness" 

The dark side of Emotional Intelligence. Do you have any of these symptoms? If so, we can help.

Volatile emotions


Temper tantrums

Mood swings

Over reaction


Inability to take



Inability to forgive

Need for excitement

Need for immediate attention

Needing instant gratification


Superficial values


Lack of or poor social skills

Inability to control finances


Self centeredness

Being demanding

Inappropriately competitive

Lack of responsibility


Lacking empathy


Low self-esteem

Attention seeking

Demanding compliments

Needing validation from others



Dependence on others

Being easily influenced


Making over hasty judgments

Fear of change

 Improve your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Well-being

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How it works: 28 Day Online Mindfulness Stress Relief Course teaches you relaxation techniques exercises to stop a stress response to make changes in habits or behaviors and optimizes the immune system. Physical benefits include decrease in blood pressure, a lower respiratory rate, and a slower pulse rate. An increase in alpha brain wave activity is associated improving memory, clarity, focus, and intuition (your gut feeling). Where the mind goes the body will follow. Learning how to relax your breathing and reduce your muscle tension, your mind, body and behavior will follow. The mind and body are a unit. Science has proven your thoughts, and mood are influenced by your heart rate. Learning stress reduction and techniques you learn how to balance, how to become a change agent for yourself to optimize your health, wellness and behavior. Start today to make the mind-body connection, notice how your body feels following the thoughts in your mind.

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