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Online High-Conflict Co-Parenting Classes

Erie County Parenting Classes offers Online High-Conflict Co-Parenting Classes in Erie PA for Court

This program can help you reduce marital, relationship, couple problems, parental stress, co-parenting conflict, and foster parenting strategies and skills to become the best parent and family you can be!

“Children want and deserve support and love from both their parents.”

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Online High-Conflict/Anger Management Classes Just for Parents

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Offerings are for individuals, couples, parents and families going through relationship, family and marriage problems, separation, divorce, and co-parenting struggles. It is open to both court-ordered and private interests.

Online High-Conflict Parent Coaching Description: Relationship, Parenting, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Marriage Mediation Coach Coaching helps a person going through relationship and marital problems, pre-divorce, divorce, and post-divorce issues.Parenting Classes/Course Online Description: This high-conflict co-parenting class will provide information to help you build a working relationship with your ex for the sake of your child. In this course, You gain resources and knowledge — by a centered approach of putting your children’s needs first. The requirements for the class are simple, a computer or smartphone with access to the internet (basic requirements to read PDF files). The online parenting high-conflict class is self-paced. You get an enrollment certificate, and upon completion, you get a course completion certificate. The additional add on is available to add a coach. Take the course self-paced or add a coach to maximize your results.

If you are court-ordered to take a co-parenting class, are a parent facing high conflict in a relationship, or divorce contact Insight Therapies! We can help!

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Description: Erie County Parenting Classes offers Online High-Conflict Co-Parenting Classes in Erie PA for Court

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