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Premarital Class & Relationship Coaching

Premarital class is an opportunity and an invaluable investment to help you secure success for the future, a goal to enhance your relationship to build better communication and understanding of your relationship and each other. Premarital Class is a private couple one-on-one class that combines Behavioral Health Consulting and education in a personal approach led by a ULC nondenominational minister where all faiths are welcomed. Benefits include privacy and scheduling flexibility.

Premarital Class education is by phone appointments or webcam. The number of sessions for premarital coaching typically depends on your dedication to your future and any issues the couple is facing. Premarital class coaching requests can range from one session to 6 to 8 sessions. We recommend at least 3 sessions. Premarital Class education involves 50 - 60 minutes sessions each.

Premarital Mediation

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Premarital Coaching

  • Pre Marriage
  • Engaged Couples

Premarital Alternative Counseling Erie,Pa

Certification of completion included. Premarital Education Class is open to marital, relationships, and partners looking for benefits of relationship coaching/mediation services.

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Premarital Class Education and Premarital Coaching Fee premarital-alternative-counseling-erie-pa

Start with a complimentary 15-minute phone consult. Premarital Class and Coaching Fees are $155 for a 50-60 minute couples’ session on the phone or video webcam. Because premarital class education needs differ and often blend into relationship coaching, mediation, a behavioral health consulting, we offer several packages.

Premarital Class Education/Coaching Packages: three sessions for $415 (SAVINGS $35) and eight sessions for $1,115 (SAVINGS $85.00). For couples requesting more than 3 sessions, the format is as follows: The couple starts together in a joint session, does a few individual sessions, then returns into joint sessions.  premarital-alternative-counseling-erie-pa

What to Expect with Premarital Class Education Coaching

Premarital Class Education helps couples prepare for their marriage. You develop interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to prepare for your life together. You bring a new awareness to your relationship, learn how to improve your communication, and reduce the risk of potential problems in the future. As a couple, you discover your couple's strengths and weaknesses. You build coping skills and communication skills and if needed, how- to manage your emotions in times of stress. Couples receive (3) workbooks for coping with stress, controlling emotions, and building communication/interpersonal skills. As your coach, I will help you formulate clear goals for your union, help identify differences, strengths, and weaknesses. The class consists of questioners, inter-actional activities of skill-building, and precious results building closer relationships and communication.

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Premarital Coaching

We offer mediation and coaching skills utilizing modalities of neuroscience, a brain-based conflict resolution neuro coaching style combined with anger management expertise. The specialist skills blend cognitive neuroscience with somatic neuropsychology- connecting mind-body-behavior medicine principles and traditional mediation skills and behavioral health consulting with evidence-based psychological treatment.

Premarital Coaching Mediation

Premarital Coaching | Mediation

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What is the Meaning of Premarital Coaching

Mediation/Coaching VS Counseling

Mediation/Coaching is premarital education, engagement coaching, an alternative to premarital counseling, and counseling before marriage that delivers the skills and tools you need for a successful relationship. Helping you build strengths and face challenges that may arise in your future. Mediation and Coaching is a proactive approach that helps you develop interpersonal skills, listening skills, nonverbal and verbal communication skills, and emotional intelligence-an awareness to manage emotions and behaviors to effectively: restore and balance healthy relationship issues and difficulties.

Mental Health therapists, Counseling, and Marriage Counselors identify a mental illness and then develop a treatment plan. Mediators do not support that relationship problems are symptoms of mental illness. Mediators approach relationship problems in action planning skill-building strategies. Mental health focuses on mental disorders and mental health symptoms. Premarital Coaches, Premarital Mediators focus on skill-building.Tags: premarital-alternative-counseling-erie-pa

The difference sets a far gap in premarital preparation. The approach of mediation is dispute resolution. All relationship issues stem filled with disputes and anger. Anger is not abnormal. When we have poor self-regulation skills, relationships suffer. If this problem is unmanageable, it spirals into anger and, if left without learning communication, interpersonal, and self-regulation skills -relationships fail. Anger, communication skills, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills combined are conflict resolution and are identified and resolved by mediation- Couples learning these techniques increase their success for their future in marriage planning. Mediation aims to focus on building skills helping couples grow without looking at common behavior limitations as a mental illness diagnosis. Select the best choice Premarital Class Education/ Coaching with mediation skills to plan for a successful future. We offer a free 15-minute consult to start today!

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