Insight Therapies, LLC

course contents

Level 1 Care

• Online “Automated” Program with group Facilitator Introduction and Q & A Support

• Facilitator 8 week support & Online Automated Program

Delivery Management System

• Online SaaS access 24/7 with facilitator support

• Program viewing available for all digital devices and download availability

Features of Program:

• Heart Rate Variability Training, Heart-Coherence-Biofeedback (BF) training

• Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Health Education

• Psychoeducational Self-Help Worksheets/Handouts (Life skills, Character Education)

• Facilitator Support: Licensed Heartmath Provider, (CI) Certified Instructor/Trainer Stress

Reduction Modalities, Health & Childbirth Educator

Components of Program: (2) Videos, (2) Instruction materials, (4) Audios, (1) Relaxation Music,

(3) Self-Help Worksheets.

Detailed Product Customers Receive:

• User Manual

• User Brochure (Adult & Child)

• How to Do Deep Breathing Handout (Includes Free Online Resources), BiofeedbackAssisted Relaxation, Heart Coherence, Heart Rate Variability Training

• Guided Imagery Audio; Deep Relaxation

• Guided Imagery Videos: narrative dialogue and Relaxation Music Video both with scenery for

deep relaxation and ambience

• Audios - Progressive Relaxation tools; Self-Hypnosis

• Self-Help Worksheets: How to Control Stress, How to Control Anger, Assertiveness Training

• Relaxation Music