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A cash donation helps us provide unrestricted support to professional training programs and community support service programs as needs arise.

Every dollar you give makes a direct impact on our society helping individuals and families thru education.

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Thank you for your support. Please call us at (814) 662 - 5338 so we may thankyou directly! Dr Martha Watson

Please consider investing in our community’s youth and families and help us continue to make a difference with your tax deductible gift. Your generous contribution provides support for Insight Therapies amazing programs and may even prevent horrific events of violence and hardships in lives.

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We train professionals, community leaders and support the strength of a parent, caregiver and a family's role in life, the power of influence, building happier, healthier, individuals and stronger communities.

Strategic Partnership Sponsorship Opportunities

Because you are a business leader, you're constantly seeking paths to strengthen relationship support to your patrons as well as your employees. Connecting with the PractitionerPro® Strategic Partnership Sponsorship Program, you establish a key that allows you to approach your patrons and employees to excellent business performance solutions. You also align yourself with a credible and highly respected trademark that is recognized in the marketplace as an industry leader.

PractitionerPro® delivers support to community members, businesses and working professionals. We offer solutions TO PROMPT COMMUNITY HEALTH, END VIOLENCE and HARMFUL EFFECTS of STRESS. We partner with community professionals, institutions and organizations helping to build stronger communities and strong community relations.


(814) 662 - 5338

We are committed to acting as a leading training provider of programs, products and training to help community members receive anti-bullying, stress reduction and anti-violence civility programs, and lead as a supporter to individuals, parents and caregivers in communities of those we serve.

To do this, we partner with local, national and International organizations that share our mission and are dedicated to providing investments into the communities we live and operate.

If you’re a corporation, grade school, business, an employer, Non-Profit, anyone and all sharing in our mission and would like more information on helping your communities, or interested in promoting our programs or product services, we want to work with you. Our programs are tax deductible for donations because we provide education to both professionals and community members.

Becoming our Sponsor, with your generous help, we’ll provide training to professionals and we offer online support the families’ parents and caregivers thru teleconference support/group calls.

Our goal is to provide PractitionerPro® online Stress Management and Civility exercises and self-regulated training to community leaders while we launch to support directly to parents, caregivers and families in communities.

How Your Sponsorship Helps:

  • Put scholarships and online programs within reach for deserving individuals and families in communities.
  • Provides resources to train future leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.
  • Lays a foundation of advocacy and grassroots approach for global awareness, prevention and intervention to stop violence and bullying, ending harmful effects of stress.

Guidelines for consideration as a sponsor

  • PractitionerPro® strongly adheres to the Better Business Bureau’s Standards for Charity Accountability. To view the guidelines visit the Better Business Bureau Charity page.
  • PractitionerPro® does not consider participation in affinity programs.
  • PractitionerPro® does not consider promotions that utilize direct mail, telemarketing, door-to-door or vending machine sales.
  • PractitionerPro® does not accept proposals that include categories such as: alcoholic beverages, tobacco, adult content, firearms.

Please note: The use or any application of the PractitionerPro® name, logo, or its licensed marks is strictly prohibited and punishable by law until a fully executed License Agreement is in place.


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