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End Bullying and Violence and the Harmful Effects of Stress


Evidence-based care


We offer products to professionals and take a grassroots approach to support community members to stop violence and bullying and end the harmful effects of stress.

Anti-Bullying-Anti-Violence Programs

Life Coach Neuroscience

Caregiver Support

Parent Education

Childbirth Education

Anxiety Coach

Stress Management 

Mindfulness Stress Reduction

Health Support - Expertise: Stress Management, Psychosomatic Conditions & Symptom Care

Pulmonary Pulmonary rehabilitation teaches people living with COPD how to breathe easier

We offer a complete kit for working professionals and community leaders for anti –violence / anti -bullying prevention, intervention and psychoeducational programs for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention. (rehabilitation programs)

Passionately we share Mindfulness Stress Reduction, an Action Guide implementing evidence-based care approaches to individuals, caregivers and parents dealing with the spirals of stress.

We offer powerful strategies for managing stress and interrupting the harmful effects of stress to your health.

We offer you (1) education (2) skills training, (3) problem solving, and (4) support.

Dr Martha Stress expert, author of PractitionerPro® offers cutting edge strategies for managing stress and returning balance into lives by mindful living practices and evidence-based care approaches to health and wellness.

Character Education & Self Esteem, Emotional Management Programs

We Address the ingredient other programs miss:

1. Executive function and self-regulation (EF/SR) skills that provide critical supports for learning and development

2. Educate Coping Skills and Prompt Desire to Change

3. HEAL the ROOT CAUSES of poor choices by skills that naturally stimulate growth - Treating the WHOLE Individual

Root Cause: the underlining reason FOR influence of poor choices "I'm fat, ugly, stupid, not good enough", FALSE BELIEF SYSTEMS or "I’M A FAILURE") before experiencing PractitionerPro® sequence.

How Does PractitionerPro® Do This?

School / Career / Work - Life - Balance Achievement — skills help – memory enhancement, multitask, avoid distractions, control rash responses, adjustment, problem solving. Society benefits - higher successful educational communities, satisfied employees and emotionally healthy communities.

Positive Behaviors — healthier relationships, teamwork, leadership, decision-making, goal planning, critical thinking, flexibility, and being sensitive to emotions, empathy. For society, the result is more well-balanced communities, decreases in crime, and larger social unity.

Good Health — health and wellness and positive choices affecting better coping skills, and less stress by acts of fewer self – risks, choices in life; safety, drugs, sexual circumstances, poor habits, lack of self-care, and to be more conscious of decisions, for ourselves and our family. For society, the result is a healthier population, a more profitable labor force, and reduced health care costs.

Successful Work — economic success- better organization, problem-solving skills, and optimal adjustment adaptability. For society, the outcome is wealth due to a resourceful, capable, and adaptable employee.

Creating a Stress Free - Violence Free Community

Why is This The Most Powerful Program On The Planet Toolkit To Stop Violence?

Our Trademark marks our excellence 


We offer powerful evidence-based care through psychoeducation program toolkits, healthcare software, services and community events.

We are an industry leader providing programs and products for professionals and community members that offer essential skills proven to help ADD – ADHD, emotional hardships, volatile behavior and rid harmful effects of stress.

We offer rehabilitative specialty services of stress management helping pulmonary care, cardiac care, anxiety relief, psychosomatic conditions, and childbirth including aiding relief to caregivers by parenting education, mindfulness and stress reduction programs.

Programs, Staff Training and Toolkits are offered to: Criminal Justice, (EAP) Employee Assistance Providers, Managed Care Organizations, Health-Providers, Community Centers, Health Care Facilities and Special Needs 

Providers of Communities.

Community Offerings: Our delivery style is offered through an educational approach. We offer you powerful skills and techniques to help you prompt health and wellness. We teach you how to get the results you want by proven methods, evidence-based care Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychophysiology Approaches. (Mind-body interfaces)

Our Mission:

Stop Violence and Bullying and harmful effects of stress; Promote body-mind-spirit healing and wellness of those we touch.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide a safe, fostering environment where children, teens and adults can improve the mental, emotional, and physical skills needed to become a productive and contributing member of community.

We strive to furnish access to exceptional individual and family-centered care, healthcare education, behavioral health education, prevention services and programs of innovation for the benefit to the community we serve.


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Stress Management, Health Promotion, Violence Prevention, Self–Regulating Skills coming together:

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We offer powerful strategies for managing stress and interrupting the harmful effects of stress to your health.


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