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Why Buy 'The Happy Frog'?

Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®

a cognitive behavioral intervention

As William Glasser (1975) wrote in Reality Therapy,“[In therapy] someone cares enough about the patient to make him face a truth he has spent his life trying to avoid: he is responsible for his own behavior.”

It's Brief

This film gets it message across in less than 5 minutes. Leaders who have used this video report that it can quickly move the individual or group into a receptive state of mind in just minutes. This saves time and opens the pathway to begin healing discussion.

It's Thoughtful

The effects of bullying, violence and peer pressure is demonstrated in simple interactions that shows we can overcome negative influences. This film will be a springboard for thoughtful discussions with your individuals or groups.

Safe Discussion through use of Fable

Bullying and violence is a touchy subject. The film 's use of a fantasy setting and characters let the viewers absorb the lessons in a safe manner.

Springboard for Discussion

Tragic outcomes from bullying and violence are making headlines. Isn't it time we begin to talk thoughtfully about what bullying and violence is, and how to overcome it? The film program will be your springboard to create a piercing discussion that will quickly help individuals and groups move forward.

Length 4:54 Minutes children 10 and under

Length 4:34 Minutes 11+, appropriate for teens and adults

Price : One unit , children or teens | Group License $399.00 | Individual License $ 159.00 | What is This?

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A Message to the Trainer

Do you relate to one or more of these sentences?

  1. Bullying is harmless
  2. Bullying annoys me
  3. Trying to stop bullying frustrates me
  4. I’m surprised that anyone thinks bullying is a problem.

Notice the two widely different viewpoints in these statements. Which one is yours?

Bullying and cyber-bullying are making the headlines these days. Sadly, the news often comes about as the result of tragedy, when a young person who has been badly bullied ends up taking drastic and harmful action against themselves. Bullying and its consequences take a terrible toll on our society.

Therapists, counselors, schools and community leaders see this toll in their community member lives every day. Often you are the one charged with the task of repairing the damage. Whether working with the bullier or the bullied, reaching a state of therapeutic receptivity in these areas is indeed a challenge. You need a way to streamline your therapeutic progress, and this program is the tool you need!

Using the power of fable and metaphor, The Happy Frog offers us a way to begin needed discussions on the very sensitive topic of bullying. The little frogs which succumb to the prince’s attacks on community townspeople illustrate lives with low esteem, bullying behavior, wrongful decisions following others, and illustrate emotional pain of consequences influenced by other people's actions, words and actions. The Happy Frog illustrates a key in short time for viewers; No matter what is said about us or to us, It has no reflection on how feel about ourselves.”

Used with individual care or groups, this video will save you time and streamline your efforts to begin needed discussions and reach a therapeutic resolution.

-- Martha Watson, Ph.D.

“No matter what is said about us or to us,

It has no reflection on how feel about ourselves.”

Listening to an inner voice is a skill that can be learned. Why? Because the wise inner voice is a gift within each of us…

About Martha Watson, Ph.D.

Martha Watson, Ph.D., has introduced many new applications to society through her passion to empower wellness for all. Dr. Martha is the creator of Therapy Resolution® and PractitionerPro® - tools that provide immediate improvements in human behaviors, health, and performance. She is a sought-after program creator, health consultant , education consultant, workshop presenter, and group facilitator. Her PractitionerPro® DVD Software offers streamlined medical and mental healthcare to professionals, as well as mainstream application training for building safer communities whilst strengthening family units and individual life skills through training programs and community events.

Martha Watson, Ph.D., is the best-selling author of several new skills introduced to mental health; Subconscious Relief©, Therapy Resolution © and author of over 14 training programs including book author for medical and behavioral health, titled Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®

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